The Kume insulating curtain is the fruit of our collective effort!

We are a group of friends, relatives and colleagues, representing seven nationalities and presently living in Chile, at the southern end of the world. Though we differ in backgrounds, professions, abilities, stories and years traveled, we share a concern for the well-being of this little earth ... our common home. 
We firmly believe things will not get better unless we all do our bit to reverse climate change and the damage we have done to our environment. And a good starting point is adopting the practices that help us use our resources more wisely, and drawing on our imagination to craft workable solutions to these problems, no matter how simple. 
We also believe in the power of social networks to spread awareness and ideas. So, if the plain logic of the Kume curtains strikes your fancy, or maybe you made a few and realize what they can do for you, please share this web site or our Facebook page with your friends and contacts. 

Mathilde, Jackie, Paula, Pierre, Nari, Patricio, Ena, Rodrigo, Marie-Jo and Alberto